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Technician Repairing Air Conditioner

Our Services

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Air Conditioning

An AC that quits running in the dead of summer is about as bad as it gets. Whether it's noon or midnight, call Comfort Air at 760-699-5002 for the air-conditioning repair you can trust. We provide upfront pricing and guarantee your satisfaction throughout the process, from when you call us until the job is completed and meets your approval.


If you notice signs that your system isn't running properly, but it's still working, don't wait until it quits to call us. Not only will a non-emergency service call find and repair any issues, but it will save you money in the long run by ensuring your system is operating at its best.​


Heating Service

Sunny installs and replaces gas, oil, and electric furnaces as well as air source, ductless, geothermal, and absorption heat pumps. Our technicians can install and service packaged heating units as well. Every unit is installed correctly to ensure it will operate reliably and efficiently without any safety issues. If you have an older system, we can visit your home for a free evaluation and replace an old heater with a properly sized and configured unit. Our newer units meet the latest efficiency standards. We install high-efficiency, multi-speed gas furnaces and quiet, efficient heat pumps that provide comfort all year long.



Installing an air conditioner correctly is of utmost importance. If it is improperly connected, your AC will provide insufficient cooling and may not operate efficiently; it can also create safety and health hazards. At Sunny, we background check and verify every employee to ensure they are skilled, honest, and reliable. Therefore, our customers can have peace of mind that their new and repaired AC units will work as expected. Determining whether to replace your AC can be a difficult decision. Let us help you by carefully examining your unit or system to see if it can be affordably fixed or whether you stand to benefit by allowing us to select and install a new affordable, high-efficiency air conditioner. We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to expect to pay without surprises. And you can be confident in our expertise and commitment to getting the job done right and ensuring your system is working at peak efficiency.

Hands Repairing Air Conditioner
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Air Conditioning Repair

How do you know if you need an AC repair or if it’s time to replace the system? What are some common AC problems, and can you diagnosis an air conditioner problem yourself? At Sunny, we believe the more you know about air conditioning and heating repair, the more likely you are to choose us as your air conditioning service company! We are Google Certified for Home Services in Southern California and all our employees are background checked and verified. Our repair technicians have been hand-picked to ensure we have the best in the industry. Each is highly knowledgeable and communicative, so can help you understand the problem and the best solutions to fix it. They respect your home so you can be confident in their abilities and that any AC problem will be resolved quickly. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our service so, if the issue comes back, you’ll know we’ll be there to resolve it with no questions asked.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why should you invest in air conditioning maintenance? With AC maintenance services from a qualified HVAC contractor at Sunny, you will enjoy: Longer Lifespan Your system will have a longer lifespan when it is properly maintained. Filter changes and tune-ups help reduce the strain on major components, so they continue to operate with fewer issues. You’ll spend less on replacing worn out parts. And, with the high cost of replacement, this is a benefit worth investing in. More Efficiency The better you maintain your system, the more efficiently it will perform and more consistently it will keep a comfortable indoor temperature. It will also use less electricity to provide comfort in every room of your home. Lower Energy Bills A more efficient system costs less to run, saving you time.

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